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Lilly Ann Pryor Pryor

Lilly died alongside her best friend of 12 years, Monday, December 16th. Lilly was adopted by her mother, Lucinda, in January 2008, she quickly captivated every member of the Pryors family hearts. so much so that playful fights ensued over who was going to hold, walk, or look after her. Lilly was terrifically kind, caring and shy. She brought joy to anyone she encountered throughout her life. Lilly’s favorite activities included going on walks, chasing squirrels in the backyard, barking passionately and most importantly cuddling up with someone for a nap. The quickest way to Lilly’s heart was food and a massage. Lilly was truly greedy and wanted a share of whatever her bestie ate. Lilly will be greatly missed by many but none more so than her best friend, Kiana. Their friendship can’t be summed up in just a few words but through thick and thin they loved each other greatly. Although the pain the family feels without her is great, it in no way would compare to having never had her in their lives. Lilly Ann was the best friend anyone could ever have.

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A candle was lit in memory of Lilly Ann Pryor.

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