In loving memory of

Cletus has a really rough start to his life. Before he came into our life he was apart of a rescue in Alabama. “The Purple Heart Rescue” it was a living nightmare for him, the owners deserted him and over 100 other dogs for 3weeks to fend for themselves in cages with other dogs. After he was placed in a new rescue where he stayed for 1 year, my best friend Missy decided she wanted to adopt a companion. We looked on the rescues page and as soon as she saw him she said THERE HE IS!!! CLETUS LOL we laughed at his name and she insisted she wasn’t changing it!!! Lol so the next day he came home! He had a hard adjustment, learning how to be a pet. And how to be loved. A year later Missy was diagnosed with Cancer. She fought hard, we thought she beat it!!! Cletus was there by her side through thick and thin. Laying with her through all the sick chemo nights and loving her through it all. Missy’s cancer came back, that’s when she came to live with me. Cletus in tow lol I took care of missy until her last breath. When we lost her Cletus and I found comfort with each other. In time we just naturally became inseparable. I never expected to love him so much. After finding out Cletus had cancer I lost it. For the next month we lived out the best bucket list we could. I cherished every moment. I thought I could prepare myself for what was to come. But this is gut wrenching. The void he has left in my heart. I don’t know if it will ever be filled. I know cletus lived his best life ever with us. He was loved beyond measure. And will forever be the best boy ever. I will miss you every day my bubba boy

Light a Candle
Bob Sutton

A candle was lit in memory of cletus.