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Bella Olsen

We adopted two beagles, Bella and Roxy, not long after the first dog I ever had as my own passed away. They helped me heal and quickly became part of our family and my babies. Bella was Roxy’s biological mom and she acted like it, always “mom-ing.” She checked on everyone and was very protective over her house and her family. I always called her “Isa-Bella Mama.”

Last year, we found out she had a massive tumor on her liver. It was inoperable and the vet didn’t have high hopes for how much time she had left. At that time she was still her normal self so we decided to just let her be until we felt the time was right to let her go. She gave us a whole year, plus one week of extra memories with her. My family has been through so much this past year and I will forever be grateful to my sweet Isa-Bella Mama for being there for us.

We love and miss you, Bella!

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