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Teddy falsetti

Teddy was like no other dog we had. He was so easy going, loved the outdoors and his treats. After being the family pet for 7 years, we unexpectedly brought a puppy home named Ellie. This was the first time we saw a different side to Teddy. He would bark and show is teeth to Ellie. We thought he would never accept her into the family. It took about a year, but we noticed he had secretly accepted Ellie. They would lay together, be outside together, where one dog was, the other followed. I honestly believe having Ellie in his life made him even more happy. About a year ago, we learned about Teddy’s heart condition. He was doing great until about a month ago. We knew he only deserved the best and we didn’t want him to suffer. We could tell by his actions, it was time for us to do the right thing for Teddy and let him go. He went so peacefully. We will slowly grieve our loss but he will never be forgotten. We love him so much!

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