Our Staff -Pet Passages - Livonia, MI

Bob and Wendy Sutton - Owners

Lady Lulu Enterprises, Inc. is a franchise of Pet Passages Franchising, Inc., which is North America’s largest provider of pet funeral and pet cremation services and is recognized as a national leader in the pet loss profession.  The ownership team is represented by Wendy and Robert Sutton who will oversee the day to day management of the operation.

Bob Sutton Is a results driven management professional with extensive experience in hospitality management, sales and marketing. He is skilled at managing and controlling all business activities and functions.  His professional experience includes being a franchise partner for Town Money Saver, a direct mail publication servicing the areas of Livonia, Westland, Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Michigan.   Prior to that he managed Shady Hollow Golf Course for more than 10 years during which time he directed financial and operational turnaround of the dilapidated golf course, established new restaurant and bar service, established catering service, event planning for private, public and charitable/fundraising organizations, increased number of golf rounds, all with unique and aggressive marketing.

Wendy Sutton has worked in real estate management for more than 23 years.  She now represents a national firm, OR Colan Associates, as the Project Manager for the State of Michigan, where she is responsible for business development activities, as well as, day to day to management of all land acquisition/right-of-way projects.  Prior to that she spent almost 12 years working for the Wayne County Airport Authority, first as Director of Real Estate, then as the VP of Business Development & Real Estate, overseeing Real Estate, Air Service and Concessions development at Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) and Willow Run Airport (YIP), as well as Construction/Alteration permitting for the Airport Authority.

Lady Lulu Enterprises, Inc. was born as a result of a desire by its owners, Wendy and Robert Sutton, to be the ones to provide dignified pet cremation services to others.  There is a significant need for these services in our market area that is not currently being accommodated.

Bob and Wendy have both had successful careers, however, their true passion is animals.  They currently have four dogs in their family, all of which are rescues.  They recently lost a member of our family when Lady Lulu, a bichon/dachshund mix, passed away at the age of 12.  She was their first dog and the first one they lost.  Like so many others, they were devastated and in the sadness of our loss, they turned to pet cremation services. After searching and contacting facilities, they traveled more than 30 miles to a facility that provided the level of care that they desired.

It was that time that they realized their calling, and they began down the road of opening Pet Passages, Livonia, Michigan.

Scott Underwood - Pet Care Specialist

Pet Passages would like to welcome Scott Underwood to our team. Scott has been in management in various service businesses over the years and has left that to become a Pet Care Specialist with our team. Scott is caring and always gets the job done right. Scott is an Army Veteran and insisted we give veterans 10% off any of our services. We are glad to have you Scott!

Zelda, Murphy, Oliver, Lady Lulu & Copper - Pet Passages Livonia Board of Governors

Our Founder Lady Lulu( bottom right) is why we started this business. Following on in her administration are ( moving clockwise from Lulu) are Copper, Zelda, Murphy and Oliver. We have to go home to them every night and and let them know  we treated every pet with dignity and respect.