It was a very hard decision to make but we knew that our precious kitty, Albiny, had been suffering for some time. I was nervous about making the call, but as soon as Bob of Pet Passages answered the phone, I immediately felt a sense of relief and comfort. Later when I spoke to Wendy, it was as if I had known her for a long time. Both Bob and Wendy explained the entire process thoroughly and an appointment was made for May 6, 2021.
We were greeted by a nice man who introduced himself as Bob #2 and Jamie who kindly directed us to a quiet room where we would spend time with Albiny and say our good-byes. Throughout it all, Jamie and vet tech, Josephine, shared experiences and information that was valuable and comforting. The entire staff of Pet Passages was very attentive, understanding, compassionate and sensitive to our feelings. You could see the care that was put into the environment itself, with calming and sentimental details. They give you both the space and the support you need. We feel reassured knowing that our “Biny Boo” was in good hands and very grateful for Pet Passages. Good-bye Albiny, “Most Gentle Soul.”