I can’t say enough about this company. They take care of everything. I made the call that no one wants to make and they have a vet they work with and schedule for you and make all the arrangements once the date and time is set. They come to your house, with the vet and come in to transfer your pet to their facility after you have had time to say goodbye. The have a pet hearse and a gurney, cover your pet with respect and take them from your house to the vehicle with such dignity. I especially liked it that Bob didn’t cover her head so we could see her until she was placed in the vehicle. ZuZu was cremated at their facility and returned to us with a flower seed heart for planting, the cast paw print we ordered (comes with a holder) and two cards with and ink paw print and nose print. Their office is beautiful to visit. Wendy and Bob are the best, you will not be disappointed using Pet Passages in Livonia, MI for you needs. Thank you for your care and compassion when we needed it most. Renee and David E