When our Beloved Bailey passed away at home on Sunday, we were devastated. I did some online research and decided to call Pet Passages- Livonia. I immediately received a text saying we would receive a call within 5 minutes. When Bob called, he offered to come get her but we opted to drop her off. I guess I wanted to see where she was going. I am so happy I did. We were lead to a cozy room with a plush padded table where Bob put a dark purple folded blanket under her head and then draped another purple blanket over her body. I was already comforted and knew she was in good hands. While my husband and I were blubbering fools, Bob remained calm and answered every question we had. We could go on the Pet Passage website and see the status of the procedure at any time. We were called the next afternoon by Bob’s wife Wendy to say Bailey was ready for pickup. We received a beautifully engraved box with Bailey’s name on it and she was inside a velvet pouch with “Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge” as well as Memorial Cards with her nose & paw prints with the Rainbow Bridge story. Bob and Wendy also gave us a disc of wildflowers for us to plant in her honor❤ All in all in was an amazing experience that left us feeling comforted because of all the thoughtful and caring work that they do there. Heck I felt so good about it that I asked Bob if he could take care of me when the time came..? of course he laughed and declined? I know in my heart that Bailey was well taken care of and that every detail was thoughtful so I can’t say how much I highly recommend bringing your furbaby here, I know that I am so grateful that we did.